Craft Spirits produced in small batches!

Craft Spirits produced in small batches in our Petaluma Distillery!

Pomegranate-Lime Sonoma Coast Spirits California


32-Proof Vodka with the Exotic Middle Eastern Fruit Pomegranate with Lime

Raspberry Lemonade Sonoma Coast Spirits California

Raspberry Lemonade

32-Proof Vodka Blended with Raspberry and Lemons

Mango Tango Sonoma Coast Spirits California

Mango Tango

32-Proof Vodka Blended with the “King of Fruits” Mango, and Enriched with the Fragrant Pineapple and Lime

Lemon Drop Martini

The 2013 San Francisco Gold Medal Winner! 32-Proof Premium Vodka and Real Zesty Lemon

Amaro Herbal Liqueur Sonoma Coast Spirits California

Amaro Herbal Liqueur

Craft liqueur arugula, citrus, roots, and herbs infused in neutral grain spirits 30% alcohol by volume

Salted Caramel Espresso Sonoma Coast Spirits California

Salted Caramel Espresso

Craft liqueur espresso beans infused in neutral grain spirits 30% alcohol by volume

Lemon Raspberry Liqueur Sonoma Coast Spirits California

Lemon Raspberry Liqueur

Craft liqueur lemon and raspberry infused in neutral grain spirits 30% alcohol by volume

Pear Ginger Liqueur

Craft liqueur pear and ginger infused in neutral grain spirits 30% alcohol by volume

Zinfandel Grappa

Zinfandel Grappa – 375 ml

Jalapeno Lime Vodka

Jalapeno Lime Vodka

Premium Vodka infused with jalapeno, chili peppers and lime.

Pinot Noir Grappa

Pinot Noir Grappa

Pinot Noir Grappa – 375 ml
Wood Aged Grappa

Wood Aged Grappa

Wood Aged Grappa – 375 ml

Where to Buy Sonoma Coast Spirits in the Bay Area and Beyond:

  • Petaluma: Wilibee’s; G&G Market; Charlie’s Liquors; Namaste Liquors; and Petaluma Market;
  • St. Helena: Sunshine Market; St. Helena Wine Shop.
  • Novato: Harvest Market;
  • Terra Linda: Scotty’s Market;
  • San Anselmo: Ludwig’s Fine Wine and Spirits:
  • Santa Rosa: G&G Market; Oliver’s; Bottle Barn.
  • Cotati: Oliver’s; Sacramento area: Nugget Markets.


Please contact our distributor; J. Woods Beverage Group, 2441 Spring Court, Suite F, Concord, CA 94520
Brand Manager; Matt Cornfoot: 707-696-2600
Operations Manager; Eileen Cuff: 925-680-9463