Citrus Basil Lemonade

1.5 oz. SCS Citrus Basil Vodka

4 oz. Lemon flavored seltzer (soda water)

Pour over ice and garnish with a lemon slice. (So refreshing!)

Angry Mule

1.5 oz. SCS Jalapeno Lime Vodka

4 oz. ginger beer (for a lighter version- 2 oz. ginger beer and 2 oz. lemon soda water)

Squeeze of 1/2 a lime

Pour over ice into a copper mug, garnish with a lime wedge

Dirty Chai

Chai Tea

Espresso Vodka


Pour a shot of Espresso Vodka over Ice Cream;

add whipped cream and drizzle chocolate sauce on top.


Sonoma Spritz (perfect for the summer time!)

2 oz. of any of our SCS craft cocktails (lemon drop/pomogranate/mango tango)

2 oz. of prosecco

splash of soda

Pour over ice, garnish and serve


A couple of ideas to cook with our Spirits! (Courtesy of Uncle Jimmy!)

Sauce Your Taco or Pulled Pork Sandwich

Add 1 oz. of our SCS Jalapeno Lime Vodka to taco meat or carnitas towards the end of cooking. Or drizzle a little on your taco or pulled pork sandwich before eating!

Spiked Pico de Gallo

Add 1 oz. of our SCS Mango Tango Craft Cocktail to your Pico de Gallo fresh salsa and serve! Yum!

Oyster Shooters

This is an easy one! We love (actually Jill loves oysters!) Put a raw oyster into a small glass and add 1 oz. of any of our spirits and shoot it. Double Yum!