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Sonoma Coast Spirits

Recreating family recipes is what Sonoma Coast Spirits is all about. This Craft Distillery was founded in 2011, by Doug and Jill Olson. Upon Doug’s untimely passing in November, 2018, Jill is running the business with the help of her grown children. They bring to the discriminating consumer, Jill’s traditional family recipes in ready to drink cocktails (Lemon Drop Martini; Raspberry Lemonade; Pomegranate Cosmo; and Mango Tango) to be enjoyed conveniently in your home with family and friends. Her award winning products are hand-crafted, artisan in nature and includes many ingredients from her herb garden and citrus trees in her yard. 

meet the maker 

After pouring her cocktails at the Petaluma Woman’s Club, various events, and for family and friends, Jill was encouraged to start the business and begin to bottle the cocktails for everyone to enjoy while naming it Sonoma Coast Spirits. Using only the finest ingredients, the cocktails are 32 proof and all natural. The Grappa line was launched in 2016, and offers Zinfandel; Pinot Noir; and Wood Aged Grappa. Making Grappa is a tribute to Jill’s Great-Grandfather, Lionardo Dioguardi, who owned and operated a Distillery/Winery in Santa Rosa, and made Grappa before Prohibition. The Vodka line was launched in 2016, which offers Original Vodka; Citrus Basil Vodka (Oprah’s Favorite!); Jalapeño Lime Vodka (Oprah’s Favorite); Sweet Ginger; Espresso; and Rose. Jill’s mother taught her to can during high school, and she has been canning ever since. She cans and uses many of the ingredients from her garden into her bottled Vodka. She has Meyer lemons; Eureka lemons, limes; grapefruit; oranges; pears; apples; cherries; peaches; plums; apricots, grapes, and an herb garden!



Our Citrus Basil and Jalapeno Lime Vodka made the O List – Oprah Magazine – July, 2018. We are sincerely grateful and honored to be chosen as one of Oprah’s Favorites!! Thank you Oprah for liking and enjoying our delicious small batch spirits!

We made the O List, Oprah Magazine, July 2018


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